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The Lifesights Company is a consulting market research agency offering qualitative and quantitative tools to generate strong consumer-based insights for successful development of brands and innovations.

We have a strong business sense and a passion for people. Consumers, shoppers, influencers and experts fascinate us. Our strength lies in making our findings meaningful, bringing insights to life, making them tangible, and above all, providing actionable recommendations for marketing and R&D professionals.

From our home base in Bremen, Germany, we operate worldwide to understand international brands, market and consumers around the globe.

Our team consists of experienced and highly motivated researchers committed to helping you build strong brands and explore undiscovered market opportunities and take advantage of them.





The Lifesights Company news

Some interesting 2017 related facts about us:

  • Research in 26 countries, including USA, Brazil, Russia, China, Korea, Australia and also in Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Ghana and Mexico
  • Research in 38 product categories, including food and drink, household cleaners and appliances, health care,  e-mobility and e-commerce
  • Over 2,500 individual interviews with health care professionals, including pharmacists, hearing aid retailers, vets, gastroenterologists and pediatricians
  • Over 7,000 products dispatched for in-home product testing

Clever fitness gadget right under your office table

Physical exercise is important. It relieves stress, is good for blood pressure, burns calories, releases endorphins and generally enhances well-being. Well, that should not be new to most people, yet two-thirds of men and half of women in Germany are still considered overweight. A common reason for this is that simply the time is missing. The whole week in the office, where should one put the sport there?

If this is really the main reason, today we will introduce you to a gadget designed specifically for exercise at the desk. This allows training directly at the workplace and during working hours. Today’s gadget is located in a slightly higher price range, but an investment in something very useful, namely your own health. How exactly the cardio training works at the desk, we present to you now.

WorkOut at work – how should this work?

The Cubii is a so-called undertable elliptical trainer. It’s a treadmill that’s designed to fit under any conventional desk. The user can concentrate fully on his work while kicking his legs. Since Cubii makes virtually no noise, it does not bother the colleagues nearby.

Some may say that stomping a bit on the spot can not do so much. It is clear that the period between 09:00 and 17:00 o’clock for many is probably the most physically unproductive. If you use only two of them in those eight hours to stay on the ball, that’s 10 hours of exercise a week, just by the way. With continuous use, the WorkOut adds up enormously.

The app of the Cubii and its versatile features

Of course – as could be the case with a modern gadget – Cubii can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the app, the user can set some and read even more. For example, the control of the resistance via app is a pleasant feature.

Of course, the app also provides data on personal progress. The calories burned, distance reached, steps taken, elapsed time, and revolutions per minute can all be displayed. On top of that there is the possibility to convert the training into steps and to combine it with Fitbit or HealthKit. Interested parties will find the link below; There are currently Cubii for 339 euros.

Author: Dennis Metz


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