What we do

We Help our Clients Develop Successful Brand and Product Propositions

Introducing a new product or brand always requires a careful analysis of the market and target groups as well as a thorough understanding of the brand’s positioning within its competitive context to define a successful marketing strategy.

We know how important it is for our clients to offer excellent products and services that best satisfy their customers’ needs. We assist you in every step leading to the successful introduction of new brands and products or strengthening your existing portfolio. Our research insights will help you to develop strong innovations, maintain a competitive edge, and ensure profitable growth.


Stay competitive by knowing your consumers

We help you to discover consumers’ unmet needs and desires, identify your next opportunity areas, and generate insights that deepen your understanding of the market.

  • Consumer typologies and segmentation studies
  • Market potential analysis
  • White space analysis
  • Target group explorations and immersions

Develop successful products

We help you to understand the key drivers of appeal and purchase, to tailor your concepts, products and packaging to consumers’ wants and needs in the best possible way.

  • Concept exploration and screening
  • Product tests (in-hall, in-home)
  • Packaging design and handling tests
  • Shelf tests
  • Pricing research


Communicate effectively

We help you to communicate your messages to your target groups in the most effective and comprehensible way, as well as analyzing and evaluating existing communication performance.

  • Copy pre and post tests
  • Packaging communication/claim tests
  • Website (usability) testing

Make your brand distinguishable

We help you to understand consumers’ perception of your brand, track the performance of your brand in comparison to its key competitors, and define the optimum positioning.

  • Brand status and image studies
  • Brand tracking studies

Keep innovating

We also carry out inspiring workshops to generate new ideas and help you to transform your ideas into concepts and products.

  • Ideation and innovation workshops
  • Design thinking workshops
  • Co-creation/ prototyping workshops
  • Brand development and strategy workshops

Our Methods

Using a portfolio of qualitative and quantitative research methods we generate all the information needed to help our clients advance the market position of their brands. In addition to classical research approaches we employ methods specifically designed by our research team to meet individual project needs. Likewise, we often apply a unique mix of methods to provide you with the best suited approach for your business and research questions.

Insights Community

Our Insights Community is one of our online instruments developed to engage with consumers in the contemporary context of social media and benefit from the anonymity and immediacy of the internet in which consumers share deep insights into their behavior in their natural environment in real-time.

We create a project specific online social media environment where consumers express their opinions and share their experiences in various ways using a wide spectrum of intuitive visual and verbal tools for communication. This ensures a high level of consumer involvement and motivation and gives an opportunity to obtain rich qualitative data and ethnographic footage. The Insights Community takes insight generation to a whole new level.

Qualitative methods

Our passion are people and we have comprehensive experience in moderating consumer groups, workshops and conducting in-depth interviews as well as immerging in consumers’ natural environment in ethnographic consumer and shopper safaris across different FMCG categories and in many countries.
All group discussions and interviews are moderated by experienced native speaking moderators who apply especially developed verbal and non-verbal exploration tools adopted from psychology, forensics and creative problem solving, to tap deeper into consumers’ perceptions, intrinsic motivations and need states. Our special expertise lies within the application of interactive and projective techniques to go beyond the rational answers revealing subconscious and pre-verbal emotions and desires.

We like to really dig deep, which is why we believe in methods that go beyond the standard 2-hour focus groups. Our credo is to generate fresh insights by revealing consumers’ true motivations, beliefs and attitudes related to the key subjects in our studies.

In the qualitative content analysis we adopt a bottom-up approach, building hypotheses based on the behavioral data and verbatims collected. We focus on key meanings and analyze underlying structures and psychological systems to provide our clients with relevant insights and conclusions regarding the development strategy of their brands, concepts or products.

Quantitative Methods

For our quantitative online studies we use our own consumer online panels in Germany, UK and France. In other countries we have long-standing and well-established co-operations with carefully selected partners who work according to our high standards regarding panels and project management. Thus, we are able to carry out high quality quantitative studies, virtually in any country around the world.

Having conducted a large number of concept and product tests in many different product categories and countries, has enabled us to establish a comprehensive benchmarking database for key performance parameters (e.g. overall liking, uniqueness, purchase intention, brand fit) which we consult to assess the  performance of new concepts and products and to build a comprehensive experience in performing special analyses such as Turf, penalty or pricing analysis on which we base our recommendations for your marketing decisions.

Where required (e.g. for B2B target groups) we also carry out quantitative projects by conducting face-to-face or CATI interviews.



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